Year: 2010

Beef Casserole Comfort Food Easy Simple Dinner Sunday

Randomness and a Casserole

It’s funny what your subconscious decides to attach memories to… or for that matter, how or why it decides that particular events in your past need remembering. I’m not talking about monumental events, I’m talking about bizarre, crappy little happenings in your life – a fleeting moment that really has no bearing or influence on […]

Side Dishes Vegetables Vegetarian Winter Squash

Snow Day and the Winter Squash

I remember when I was a kid… And on the news, those venerable, gray-haired weather men would swear that we would awake to a White Christmas. It never happened. Christmas in Georgia is almost always – a rainy 47 degrees…. you can count on it. I’ve always considered it a very cruel joke that children […]

Main Course Meat Sausage Side Dishes Simple Dinner Sunday Vegetables

Winner, Winner,… Sausage Dinner

I don’t win stuff. I’m not one of those good karma guys that fills out the raffle ticket and wins the  vacation of a lifetime. It just never happens…well, rarely happens. I did win a Chicago’s Greatest Hits Album when I was 14. And, I almost always got the brownies at the church Cake Walk… […]

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