Month: April 2010

Corn Free

Ears to Ya!

My dad loved corn. He loved corn so much, that when the summer days started getting longer, and you could just begin to see the ears on the stalks started to swell with silks and kernels… he’d start talking about getting some Silver Queen corn. We’d drive by the Tomato House out towards Cleveland just […]

Beef Main Course Pasta

Counting Cows

“One brown one” “Fifteen black ones” “Eight more!..and a white cow!!” Divided into teams, or just one against one in a 4-kid free-for-all – we counted cows. The two older had the left side of the car, my sister and I had the right. Faces pressed against the car glass; necks craning to peer behind […]

Bavarian German International Main Course Meat Sandwiches Sausage

The Sandwich Diaries ~ Das Good!

Oh, Dunderbak, Oh Dunderbak,  How could you be so mean? To ever  have invented the sausage meat machine? Now all the rats and pussy cats will never more be seen, they’ve all been ground to sausages in Dunderbak’s machine. Back in the late 80’s I ran Mr. Dunderbak’s,  a German Delicatessen in Marietta. I adored […]


The CampingTrip

There’s just something about camping as a child. Off in the wilderness, left to survive on your own, eating off the land…  Well, that’s how it felt to me. I don’t know of many wilderness excursions that include the fully packed Country Squire wagon chucked full of folks and kids – braving the unknown south […]

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