Month: May 2010

Gluten Free

Test Kitchen 2 – Gluten-Free Italian Bread & Focaccia

I’ve tried several of the prepackaged pizza crust mixes that are available. “Gluten-Free Pantry” makes a fair french bread / pizza crust mix, although I found that for the pizza dough you need to up the oil content (double it) in order for the crust to crisp up and behave something closer to pizza dough […]

Side Dishes Vegetables

Beans, Beans – Good for your heart… (yeah, you know the rest)

I get cravings. I mean, mad, gnawing, crazy-stupid kind of cravings. The kind where you can’t really concentrate on anything… except how bad you want that particular “thing” you’re obsessing to eat.  They pop up out of nowhere, and you just can’t get it out of your head until you satisfy it. I had a […]

Gluten Free Test Kitchen

Test Kitchen 1 – Gluten – Free Ciabatta Bread

This is the first of several Gluten-Free items I’m working on. Bear in mind that gluten-free bread items are not going to work up the same as regular flour. The doughs are going to be stickier and they really aren’t going to look like what you expect. And, unfortunately – they will taste different from […]

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