Month: September 2010

Comfort Food Main Course Soups

Pride & Prejudice

Growing up, my mom had a pantry that would make any off-the-grid survivalist proud. She and my dad had converted the entire southern wall of the kitchen  and adjoining breakfast room into a never-ending wall of torturous louvered doors (I’m not kidding… it was our punishment to  clean them) that concealed…well… every canned good available […]

Italian Main Course Vegetables Vegetarian

Curb Market Crawl – White Eggplant

The nice thing about living in a rural area is there is always people selling “stuff” on the side of the road. We have an ample supply of curb markets, farm stands, egg sellers and jam hawkers.. We even have a woman up the road that has a nice selection of baby “pet” ( tasty! […]

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