Month: November 2010

Curb Market Crawl Pie Sweet Potato

Curb Market Crawl – White Sweet Potatoes

Back just before the local markets spiraled down into pumpkin holiday hell, I paid a visit to Farmhouse Produce just east of Dahlonega at the intersection of Long Branch and 52 east. I didn’t really expect to find a lot that late in the season, but it never hurts look. Although most of the produce […]

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The Thanksgiving Onslaught

Ah, so it begins… Monday marks the start of all-day kitchen relays getting ready for that all important food gluttony holiday. You’re psyched, you’ve run sample meals and test recipes, you’ve practiced operating on limited sleep for months to get you conditioned. But, now you have a dilemma…. what are you going to feed the […]

Breads Lactose Free Test Kitchen

Test Kitchen 5 . 5 – Buttermilk Brioche Alternatives

Knowing that I would be trying several incarnations of the brioche loaf, I divided the initial dough batch into 3 separate portions and froze them for later experimentation. This will also work well if you want to create several different filled breads. Each 1/3 will make a loaf about the size of a cantaloupe. My […]

Comfort Food Lactose Free Test Kitchen

Test Kitchen Five – Buttermilk Brioche

Clara, my great grandmother, always had a cow and always made her own butter. It was the duty of any visiting grand child – provided they could reach the handle – to work the butter churn. Clara would sit them down by the churn, drape aprons and dish cloths over their clothes, and put them […]

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