Sliced & Diced – Product Reviews

Sliced & Diced – Product Reviews

My best friend grew up in Brazil where his father had a very successful business designing, manufacturing and distributing kitchen gadgetry. He had a little factory where he would put the things together and Luc’s mom would travel the countryside hawking his creations at every home show and technology convention they could find. There was a Whack-A-Chopper (you know, those chopping contraptions that you slap with the palm of your hand.)…  a Pineapple Corer, and a Burger Press. Not particularly sophisticated tools – except for the chopper thingy (the interior blade would rotate at each chop to produce super fine umm.. chopped up things.. I still use it to this day.) It is, in short – fabulous. My only complaint to his products was there really wasn’t much marketing thought put into them… they were all  that fleshy pink, hospital bed pan color. Really, truly ugly things to have in the kitchen.I love bad kitchen gadgets. I love anything that has that little red box and those awe producing words “As Seen on TV” plastered across the front. Some just amuse me – because of the depths of laziness they propel us towards. Some, are just too stupid for words. And then there are those that are miraculously a stroke of genius.

We’re going to take a look at one of each….

Chef’n® Serrated Palm Peeler

Okay, I really wanted to hate this thing.
I’m a dyed in the wool true fan of the “T” style peelers. They’re weighted properly, they’ve got a good blade, you have super control when peeling,  and it can stack in nicely with all your other zesters, peelers and the like that you keep in your trusty gadget drawer.

The Serrated Palm Peeler – is what you’d expect. it’s a curved, plastic deal with a fairly comfortable finger holder. The ergonomic design allows you to cradle the peeler in the upper palm – putting the cutting blade at a great angle for potatoes, beets, and other rounded vegetation. The serrated blade is decent quality and does not snag on the goods, and the plastic construction makes for easy cleanup – just drop it in the dishwasher.

On the down side – it is a bit ungainly for peeling anything long – like carrots. The hand shield / base part of the  peeler is on the large side and doesn’t make it very easy to see what you are doing in those long stroke movements.

All in all, I’d give it an 8 out of 10, and for around $6 it would make a pretty good stocking stuffer.

MCS Strawberry Slicer®

 Yeah...  just a bad idea all around. Intended to produce perfectly sliced strawberries.
“Create professional garnishes!”
Don’t fool yourself – it’s an egg slicer.
Better yet… spend the buck and a half on an egg slicer, and save yourself the $8.00 you would spend for the obnoxiously strawberry shaped disaster.

 Yoshi Blade®
 I actually like ceramic knives. The edge is wicked sharp. The general maintenance on the blade is relatively low. And – figuratively speaking – the money you spend on a ‘good’ quality ceramic knife is no more outrageous that you would spend on a good Wusthof Trident or Henckel………      
But we aren’t talking about that type of knife.

Granted, the Yoshi Blade is not a Kerocera knife, nor will it ever be. Both are ceramics, but that is where the similarity ends.

Kerocera’s are razor smooth, precision cutting instruments. The knife is extremely well balanced and the handle has a comfortable grip with a pleasing heft. Price-wise, a basic Kerocera knife set (pairing and an 8″ chef knife) will run you about $70.

The  Yoshi Blade’s edge is a tad rough and it does tug a little when pulling through vegetables. And then there is the handle – it’s plastic with a kind of one-size-fits-all mentality to the grip. It really isn’t the best feel for a knife.

but… it’s only $20… and it comes with a ceramic “T” vegetable peeler… and if you act NOW we’ll throw in a 2nd blade and peeler absolutely FREE!……just pay separate shipping and handling…..

The schlocky ad campaign aside –  for $19 and change, it’s a damned good deal. And.. when all is said and done…. if it breaks in a year after constant use, then you really have gotten your money’s worth out of it.

6 thoughts on “Sliced & Diced – Product Reviews

  1. Oh, that strawberry slicer. I too thought it was just a glorified egg slicer but when I tried an egg slicer on a strawberry all I got was mush. Looking closer at that pic of the strawberry slicer, you can see that the blades are thicker than your average egg slicer! Now I'm definitely not advocating these slicers; it's so much quicker to move a knife up and down a couple of times… Also the no. of times I've said slicer in this comment is ridiculous.

  2. @Gayle MartinGayle, you're right – they rarely are made very well. I get suckered in most times just from the shear absurdity of the product… a hand pumped egg peeler.. come on.. you know you have to buy it and see what it does 🙂

  3. I tried a few of the "As Seen on TV" kitchen gadgets and always ended up very disappointed. The products were always cheaply made and never worked properly. I stopped buying them a long time ago, and later on I noticed the "As Seen of TV" store at the mall where I bought them was no longer in business. I've had much better luck with the stuff I got at Target or Kohl's.

  4. @Design Wine and DineI'll agree with you on the whack-a-chopper. It isn't really designed for precision cuts. What I do find it useful for is working down onion / celery / carrots very quickly together to use in soups or stews. I like to think of it as a brute device… just gets the job done with very little finesse.

  5. This is funny because my husband and I just this morning were discussing kitchen gadgets and those that are necessary and those that are NOT!We agreed on most but not all. One neither of us love, is the onion chopper thing because we both feel it doesn't result in the right size onion dice – but maybe that's just us!Love the story about your friend too…so human to want to invent isn't it? 🙂

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