Month: February 2011

Lamb Main Course Marx Foods Pie Pork Simple Dinner Sunday

Simple Dinner Sunday – Shepherd’s Pie

There’s just something about slow cooked stews…and mashed potatoes. Rich, heady flavors all commingling under cover in the pot… getting to know each other… getting all cozy… trading secrets… At least that’s how I like to think of it. It’s the regular covert operations of food. Digging around in the freezer this morning I came […]

Breakfast oranges Pastry Quick Breads

Sleepless in Sweet Rolls

It was a sleepless night. I’m obviously still battling the remnants of whatever lung crud I got into 3 weeks ago. Along with the recent rash of rejection emails, it has destroyed my regular sleep cycle, making me irritable, cranky and down right mean. I’ve taken to lobbing insults at wrong numbers, stopping in at […]

Main Course Marx Foods Pork Potato Techniques

And in this Corner… Rubbed Pork Rib Eye

Round 2 of the Marx Foods Ridiculously Delicious Challenge As excited as I was to make it past the preliminary “easy” round of the Marx Foods challenge, I have to say getting ready for Round 2 was proving a little “hinky”. The instructions were to – Pick 2 of the provided pantry ingredients and create […]


100 (Shouldn’t there be fireworks…. or something?)

Yes, one hundred posts. Regardless of what some people think, for me it’s a milestone. In the past, writing  has always been a suffocating effort… the unfinished novels, the labored articles, even professional correspondences have left me drained and gasping. My inner dialogue, eloquent as it may be, never really seemed to make the successful […]

All That Lemony Goodness Baking Muffins

All That Lemony Goodness – 五 (that’s 5)

(If you’re keeping count) I have a sweet-ish tooth. And, when I’m stressed – I want something sweet. Not the eat a bag of Ghirardelli Chocolates in one sitting kind of thing, but something to take the edge off. Being on the job hunt this past entire year… I’ve been stressed…. a lot. In order […]

Chicken Comfort Food Main Course Poultry Simple Dinner Sunday

Simple Dinner Sunday – Chicken & Dumplings

Oh, I know… It’s Super Bowl Sunday. I suppose I should have been a good food guy spending the week assembling piles of game day noshes and snack foods, lining up the craft beers, loading the coolers, getting the large flat screen out of storage and relishing in the general excitement and glory of the […]

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