The Marx Foods’ Ridiculously Delicious Challenge

The Marx Foods’ Ridiculously Delicious Challenge


I’ve been selected to compete in the Marx Foods Ridiculously Delicious Challenge. (You can clap… It’s kind of a big deal for me).

It’s a 4-stage – “winner gets all the good stuff” kind of event – and it’s going to be tricky. If (or when) I win, the “good stuff” will be what I pick for this round. So let’s get at it…

Challengers, pick three items from the below list and answer this question:
What ridiculously delicious thing would you do with them if you won?

Kobe Beef Sliders
OR Kobe Beef Burgers
Whole Quail
OR Semi-Boneless Quail
Wild Boar St. Louis Spare Ribs Pink Salmon Fillets
Kangaroo Burgers
OR Ground Kangaroo Meat
Wild Mushroom Sampler
(contents may change)
Live Oyster Sampler Ultimate Chile Head Sampler
10lb Specialty Burger Sampler Mega Pantry Sampler
Pekin Duck Breasts Fresh Blood Oranges
5lbs Frozen Wild Huckleberries 20lb Heirloom Potato Sampler
1lb Fresh Daruma Wasabi Specialty Sausage Sampler
14lb Dried Bean Sampler 1lb Bourbon Vanilla Beans
Superior Spanish Saffron Threads 2 Live Geoducks
Edible Flower Assortment & Microflower Blend


Item #1 – Quail
Why, you ask?  You already know my thought processes are a little off. I saw quail and my brain said fancy pigeon. Fancy pigeons brought birds dressed in Louis XVI dress and wigs to mind… which made me think of the French Revolution and the Bastille… which brought me back to Bastilla (a Moroccan pigeon pie).  So first choice recipe is Quail Bastilla. Tasty little  fragrant game birds in a crisp, sugar dusted package. (fancy wigs not included)

Item #2 – Ground Kangaroo Meat
I’m going for complete visual here. Pita Pocket sandwiches stuffed with Kangaroo Kufta and a Red Chili Aioli (for kick!). and served with Hoppin’ John Salad…

get it? kangaroo…pocket…hoppin…? and the kufta peeking out of the pockets like little Joeys?
never mind…

Item #3 – Wild Frozen Huckleberries
I’ve been playing around with a dessert for an upcoming function so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to give it a try. I plan on making a Wild Huckleberry Flan with  a Lavender Agave Syrup

So… Wish me luck! I’ll let you all know if I progress to the next step.

Best of Everything!
Toby @ Plate Fodder

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  1. Loved the kangaroo joke!! Everything sounds fabulous, I look forward to seeing everything when it is done! Best of luck! (Is there a voting forum where we can vote for you?)

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