100 (Shouldn’t there be fireworks…. or something?)

100 (Shouldn’t there be fireworks…. or something?)

Yes, one hundred posts. Regardless of what some people think, for me it’s a milestone. In the past, writing  has always been a suffocating effort… the unfinished novels, the labored articles, even professional correspondences have left me drained and gasping. My inner dialogue, eloquent as it may be, never really seemed to make the successful transformation to ink.

But this project has been different. I’ve surprised myself that I had the steam to come this far. And, the more I write, the more I find within myself to share…. I’m looking forward to the next 100.

I’ve been stalling a while to complete this post. You see… There’s a very tall horse and a large box of laundry detergent just outside the door…  And they’ve been there the better part of a month – waiting for me to get my head around a couple of things.

I want to talk about HFCS & Crystalline Fructose and the propaganda storm that’s brewing on both sides of the line.

I want to talk about the food we feed our families and the fact that my blood boils every time I see or hear about hiding vegetables in things so our children will eat them.

I want to talk about social proof, and the perceived validity of non-credentialed restaurant reviews.

I want to understand the fascination with cupcakes…. and whoopie pies

But… I’m just not feeling it…. yet….    For now, the high horse and soap box will just have to stay outside the office. I’ll get to them eventually.

Until then, I’ve got some exciting things lined up for the upcoming months:

  • Jenn with Pint-Sized Pioneering will be doing a guest post in March
  • I’ve got Round 2 of the Marx Foods Ridiculously Delicious Challenge coming up this week
  • I’m putting together the finishing touches on the next giveaway towards the end of March
  • I’ve been doing background for the next set of Themed Posts… (this time we’re hitting the Seven Deadly Sins)
  • And, coming up in April, Our 1 Year Anniversary! (I’m working on something very special for that!)

So…    Thank you all for sticking with me, following along, reading and commenting on Plate Fodder – for the first 100 … you ought to know by now I appreciate it!

Best of Everything!
Toby @ Plate Fodder

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  1. Toby, you are such a creative writer, I have always admired how words just flow so easily in your posts. And congratulations! Great cause for a celebration! 🙂

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