Month: March 2011

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Wa Sabbi! – Marx Foods Challenge Entry – Number 4

I’ve been walking around the house saying “Waa  Sabbi!” for a week now. It has long ceased to be funny to anyone but me. When Marx Foods announced that I’d be in the final round of the challenge, I was elated. We would each be receiving a perishable ingredient to utilize in our final entries. […]


Bad Moon Rising

[youtube] The Super Moon and a Couple of Moon Wings Humor me… click the play button while you read. I’m by no means an alarmist.. nor do I wish to make light of the recent events in Christchurch and Japan. My thoughts, prayers and support go out to the people of  New Zealand and […]

Main Course Marx Foods Poultry Test Kitchen

Chicken & Waffle Redux

This is my Third Round Entry for the Marx Foods Ridiculously Delicious Challenge. The rules for round 3 are as follows: “For Stage 3 the 15 top vote-getters will “make over” the recipe of their choice from any of the other 15 top vote-getters, except their own. In their post, they must also specify which […]

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