Month: April 2011

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Simple Dinner Sunday – Citrus Glazed Riblettes & Potato Salad

 Mustard Potato Salad or American Potato Salad… or Deli Potato Salad… You know, nothing really says “low effort meal” like deli potato salad. Pop open the lid, and you’ve got a ready-made side dish. Only today is Bear On The Square here in Dahlonega… and the flatlanders have invaded the town… You can’t get anywhere. […]

Garlic Side Dishes Week at the Beach

Week at the Beach – Bio-luminescence (and glowing breath)

Being at the beach is magical in it’s own right. The constant westerly breeze, the gentle rhythmic roar of the waves crashing against the beach, the complete absence of man-made light… it is times like these that you can almost understand someone’s decision to ditch the modern world and bat off to some remote destination… […]

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Week at the Beach – Something fishy going on…

You can have your flat flounders, your haddock, your  fancy smancy sea bass… it’s just fish to me. Nothing.. and I mean nothing beats Red Snapper. The texture of the skin… the near-steak quality of the flesh… the way that slightly fatty skin crisps up like char-broiled fishy chips when its grilled… The perfectly pristine […]

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Guest Post – From Morocco with Love ( A Moroccan Dinner)

Today is a treat. I am truly honored that I have a guest post from Jenn with Pint-Sized Pioneering. It isn’t often that I have guest posts (although, I’m wondering as I write…why the heck not?)There is something  you need to know about Jenn, actually, a couple of things.1.Jenn Raises Chickens – not the “I […]

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