Month: June 2011

Carrots Roasting Side Dishes Vegetables

Curb Market Crawl – Big Honkin’ Carrots

I’d love to say I found these at some out of the way produce stand – tucked into the hills like some bountiful Garden of Eden. I didn’t. I don’t think any grower in their right mind would intentionally grow horse-leg carrots. I got these at that meglo-maniacal warehouse food store we all love to […]

Cobbler Peaches

Indignation – and a Gnashing of Teeth

It’s a retraction… It’s an apology…. It’s putting things right. Good Lord!  doing this makes me feel like I’m in a bad Food Network episode of Quantum Leap. Friday morning came around and began with…. “That post…. you didn’t tell the story right… It was Clara’s peach cobbler, not Mrs. Corn’s” “I know, I couldn’t […]

Beach Food Grilling Side Dishes Vegetables Week at the Beach

Man On Fire

Since it’s grilling time… let’s get at it. I’ve contemplated doing a whole “big meat on the grill” thing, but when you get right down to it… it’s meat on fire – nothing terribly complicated or glamorous… and I’m OK with that. I love me some charcoal cooked meat. The thing that makes grilling special, […]

Fish Grilling Main Course Seafood

Birthdays, Fish… and a Comedy of Errors

During a call in regards to my recent birthday, a friend (doing the obligatory Q & A) asked if I did anything special this year… “Eh” I said “it was pretty much the same… quiet, low stress.” “You don’t really do much for your birthday, do you…” It wasn’t a question, really. It was a […]

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