Month: July 2011

All That Lemony Goodness Braises Chicken Main Course Olives Radicchio Simple Dinner Sunday

All That Lemony Goodness #7 – Chicken with Radicchio, Lemons and Olives

I’m always on the hunt for a good stew. And these past two weeks, with mom in the hospital with a heart attack – family pouring in to lend their aid and support – and a whole lotta mouths to feed, a good savory, chicken-y stew seemed just the ticket. And, if I can throw […]

Chocolate Dairy Free Gluten Free Snacks

Gluten Free / Dairy Free “Sour Cream” Brownies

There is a couple I know that each time we talk, it seems there is yet another food ingredient that gets added to their ever-growing list of allergies. I know from allergies. You’ve read in the past that later in my dad’s life, he became sensitive, allergic and down right toxic to several common everyday […]

Curb Market Crawl Lactose Free Side Dishes Vegetables

Curb Market Crawl – White Cucumbers

White, Jack Frost or Armenian all refer to the same thing, White Cucumbers. Though not truly white, for a garden vegetable, it’s probably as white as you’ll see. They are a small-ish, fine seeded fruit with a milder, almost lemony flavor and none of the bitterness you tend to find in most of the heirloom […]

Crab Lobster Seafood Shellfish Simple Dinner Sunday

Simple Dinner Sunday – Lobster & Crab Salad

Back a couple of weeks ago, we pick up two of those pre-cooked chicken lobsters from the market with plans of doing lobster night. Although I really wasn’t expecting Lobster Bar quality, I did think they would be edible. They weren’t – they were stale, chewy, watery… just plain overcooked. Like good soldiers, we plowed […]

All That Lemony Goodness Capers Chicken Easy Gluten Free Main Course

All That Lemony Goodness #6 – Chicken Piccata

┬áPucker Up Buttercup! Back when I first started going out to dinner (as an adult), I got hooked on veal piccata. Wherever I went, whatever the city, I scoured the menu searching for those three magic words – Butter – Lemon – Capers .. the trifecta of culinary nirvana. I didn’t’ realize that I had […]

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