Month: August 2011

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Lammykins and the Big Pit of Fire

There’s a woman at the top of the hill that sells baby “pet” goats and sheep. It’s true, the crudely hand painted sign attests to it. “PET BABY GOATS AND SHEEP FOR SALE” Although I am inclined to believe that no one actually buys them as “pets“. The stock of hooved beasts rotates in and out, the […]

Curb Market Crawl Muscadines New Southern Classics Salad Dressings Sauces

Curb Market Crawl – Muscadines

(Hillbilly Grapes) About a mile or so down the road, where the road widens just a bit to accommodate a bridge, there’s this guy. He has the requisite battered pick up, the frayed plastic-strapped lawn chair, and a propane cooker teaming alive with bobbing brown gold ( goober peas…. boiled peanuts). Most days I pass him by. […]

Corn New Southern Classics

Curb Market Crawl – The Cob & Run Culprits

Every other day for the past week, there has been a bushel of corn on the front porch. Those wonderful, well-meaning do-gooders are keeping me up to the ears (pun intended) with juicy fresh corn…. and I’m not complaining….. …yet. You’ll find three distinct types of good corn up here in North Georgia. Note, I […]

Curb Market Crawl Hungarian Peppers Okra

Curb Market Crawl – Hungarian Peppers

Hot and Sweet.. that’s the way I like it. A simple lush pepper bisque is just the ticket to showcase these beautiful peppers I picked up the other day. I paired it up with a little crunch from some Crispy Cornmeal Crusted Okra. Nothing says summer like okra and peppers. Hungarian Pepper Bisque Serves 4 Ingredients […]

Cabbage Sandwiches Sausage Schaller Weber

Slaw Dog Millionaire

I’m pretty picky about my wieners… Get your smutty mind out of the gutter.. … I’m talkin’ hot dogs…. more specifically – German style wieners. And the absolute best wiener in the world is made by Schaller & Weber. (Visit them at and place an order.) There is just something about that pork and […]

Corn Free Hay Bale Gardening Lima Beans Vegetables

Sufferin’ Succotash !

If I were any more of a geek, that – in fact, would be my preferred cursing exclamation. It expels the appropriate amount of exasperation… it’s food related… and when you say Sufferin’ Succotash… people know you mean business… Over the years sitting on my grandmother’s porch, I became a pro at shelling limas, or […]

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The Picnic

Even in the mountains, there’s no escaping the heat. Nights have barely broken 78 degrees and the daytime temps here at Turtle Creek are a consistent, sweltering, egg frying on the pavement – 98 degrees. It’s almost enough to make a person lose their religion. But this morning, we woke to an amazing thing, 68 […]

Banana Peppers Curb Market Crawl Mack Aaron's Apple House Simple Dinner Sunday

Curb Market Crawl – Banana Peppers

Yeppers! We’re still crawling the neighborhood produce markets, bringing you the very best in what’s available on the side of the road….. besides the boiled peanuts and dead possums. Today’s pickin’s… Banana Peppers… Once again we’re out at Mack ~ Aaron’s Apple House up towards Ellijay on Hwy 52. Do yourself a huge favor and […]

Apples Comfort Food Curb Market Crawl New Southern Classics Pie

Curb Market Crawl – Dried Apples

I stopped in to Mack ~Aaron’s Apple Barn yesterday to pick up a bag of preservative-free dried apples. They dry their own apples and these taste just like the ones my grandmothers had quietly wrinkling on sheets in the back pantry. Slow air-drying apples creates a wonderful deep, rich flavor as the drying fruit concentrates […]

Hay Bale Gardening Lactose Free Vegetables

The Intruder in the Sprouts

I’s been inhumanly hot in the garden, the white flies are devastating everything with a leaf, and I scream like a little girl every time a Japanese Colossal Hornet gets within twenty feet of me (believe me, I have every right). So, needless to say, the garden is suffering. My tidy produce spot has become […]

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