Curb Market Crawl – The Cob & Run Culprits

Curb Market Crawl – The Cob & Run Culprits

Every other day for the past week, there has been a bushel of corn on the front porch. Those wonderful, well-meaning do-gooders are keeping me up to the ears (pun intended) with juicy fresh corn…. and I’m not complaining…..

You’ll find three distinct types of good corn up here in North Georgia. Note, I said good. I grew up on Silver Queen, Country Gentleman and Trucker’s Delight – all of which are less sweet varieties. I’ll get hate mail for it, but I consider sweet corn and the hybrid Super Sweet varieties an abomination. The sweeter the kernel the less true corn flavor comes through. All you get is sugar… and that’s fine for a Snickers Bar, or creamed corn (which is kinda the same thing)…. but not in my vegetables. In the less sweet varieties – if you reduce the sugar, you increase the starch.. which is a mighty fine thing when you’re frying corn. (Which is how we roll).

Curb Market Crawl - The Cob & Run Culprits

Silver Queen

White Corn

With tight, plump, even rows

Slightly tough skin

Silks easily


Curb Market Crawl - The Cob & Run Culprits

Country Gentleman

White Corn

Commonly used for “Shoe peg” corn

Small uneven kernels

Tender skins

A regular Bear to silk (you’ll need the patience of Job, tweezers and a sharp knife)


Curb Market Crawl - The Cob & Run Culprits

Truckers Delight

Bi-Colored Corn

Squat, Fat Kernels in Even Rows

Slightly Tough Skins

Easy to Silk

Curb Market Crawl - The Cob & Run Culprits

Fried Corn, and Freezing Corn – Southern Style

Makes about 8 Cups of Cut Corn

You Will Need

12 Ears of Good Corn

8 Zipper Freezer Bags

1 – “T” Style Peeler

Large Microwaveable Bowl

1 Plate – or Bowl Cover

1 1/2 Cups Water

Husk and silk all the ears. (I had a friend tell me that you can use a terry cloth wash cloth to remove the silks easier.   Roughly brush the ears with the cloth and surprisingly, it does remove most of the silks.)  Place the bowl on the counter in front of you.  Holding the ear with the taper pointing towards you, place the T peeler over 2 of the rows and gently pull towards you in one even stroke.  Rotate the ear 2 rows and repeat. Do this until you have removed the tops off the kernels on the entire ear.  Now, Repeat the cut and rotate a second and third time. Yes, you’ll be cutting each ear a total of 12 times.  The secret of truly exceptional southern fried corn is small cuts. big kernels will not release the starches and sugars properly and you wont get enough starch to thicken up when you cook it.  Once all the corn is cut, Add the water to the bowl, stir and cover.  Place the bowl in the microwave for 5 minutes on high, stir and repeat for another 5 minutes.
When the second timing is done, allow to cool and package for the freezer – 2 cups of corn per bag.
Remember to push out all the excess air from the bags.   The corn should keep in the freezer for up to 6 months.

Frying the Corn

Makes 2 to 4 servings


2 Cups Cut Corn

3 Tablespoons Butter

1 Teaspoon Salt

1/2 Teaspoon Ground Black Pepper

Large Saute Pan


Melt the butter in the pan over medium high heat.  When the butter begins to bubble, add the corn, salt and pepper

Cook, stirring constantly, until all the liquid has thickened, and the corn begins to adhere together (about 15 minutes).

Serve Immediately



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  1. @egbThe crawls have been a hoot this year. I've spent more time in and around the markets and the owners are beginning to recognize me. I've got one that calls me whenever she thinks there's something "blog-worthy" in the bins. Thanks for visiting!

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