Month: September 2011

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Some days…

… it’s about the food. Some days, it’s all about the technique and process. Some days… well, it’s just about me… and what makes me feel good. Today is one of those days. Cheese makes me happy… lots of cheese. Thank the lord that lactose intolerant gene thingy passed me by All dressed up Spreading […]

Bitter Orange Home Canning Marmalade

Say ‘ello to my Leetle Friend

He goes by many names – Japanese Hardy Orange, Chinese Bitter Orange, Poncirus Trifoliata, Trifolate Orange, Gou Ju.. But I just call him Flying Dragon. Poncirus Trifolate, oddly, isn’t actually a citrus plant even though it produces a type of citrus fruit. It is closer related to a Limeberry or Sapote tree. Being extremely cold […]

Comfort Food Dairy Free Lactose Free Side Dishes

Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese

As you may know, I’m a custard mac and cheese guy. My great grandmother and my mom made it that way – so, that’s the way it is. Problem being, as with so many older family recipes, a key ingredient is fat… KEY ingredient. Clara’s Mac & Cheese tips the scales at just under 950 […]

Chicken Pasta Quick Lunch

Trottoloni with Chicken, Cioppino Onions & Mushrooms

Normally, if I’m making anything with pasta, it’s going to be something big and floppy, with lots of ridges and nooks to grab onto as much sauce as possible… like Lanterne … with their deep ridged curls that just beg to take on as much sauce as possible. Unfortunately, the pasta shop I used to […]

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The Guilty Pleasure

Okay, there’s no beating around the bush when you say guilty pleasure. Everyone wants to know what tawdry, cheap little thing knocks your boots. Thankfully… It isn’t: Desperate Housewives Jersey Shore Any of the Real Women of Trailer-Parks Sardines in a can… (but it’s close.) It’s… Yeah… I do love me some date nut bread in a can. […]

Cornbread Cornmeal Nora Mill

The Nora Mill Granary

Just outside our own quirky version of Bavaria in Helen, Ga (the only place in the world where you can get Authentic wursts and kraut served with a southern accent)  is the Nora Mill Granary. This 123 year old grist mill has continuously operated and furnished North Georgia with stone ground cornmeal, grits, and granary cereals […]

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