Month: January 2012

Curb Market Crawl Desserts Jams and Jellies Pie

Curb Market Crawl – Gold Rush Apples

A curb market find in late January?… I know! Granted, it’s not some heirloom, organic, micro farmed obscure tuber from Madagascar… But it’s actual real fresh stuff from a local curb market thingy…. in January! Making my weekly prowl through the mountains this past week, I really only intended to stop in at R & A Orchards in Ellijay to […]

Desserts Pumpkin Side Dishes

Look Charlene Brownavich, it’s the kinda great pumpkin thingy

Okay – I’m not a fan. I see all these great recipes during the fall for pumpkin this and pumpkin that,  and momentarily I may be intrigued… but when you get right down to it, it’s all around pretty disgusting. There’s very little you can do with it to eliminate that faint “pooty” odor that […]

Asian BBQ Easy Entree Grilling One Dish Dinners Pork Techniques

One From Column A – Char Siu

Brian (my partner in crime for a great many years) and I lived for Saturdays. Saturday was the day the BBQ Place (I know, a strange name for a Chinese restaurant) at Asian Square on Buford Hwy pumped out non stop Char Siu – and we stuffed ourselves in plate upon plate of  mahogany lacquered, perfectly […]

All That Lemony Goodness Brining Entree Lemon Marinades and Glazes Meat Pork Roasting

A day late and a dolla’ short

2011? Well, it’s over…   done with…   gone… and save for a few bright moments and flickers of joy – It was an abysmally bad year here at Turtle Creek, and one I’d really care not to repeat anytime soon. So I’m closing the books on ol’ 11 and onward and upwards to number 12. […]

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