Month: February 2012

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Torta di Pasta – Spaghetti Pie

Perfect can come in many forms a date a day a moment a bite… Torta di Pasta is the perfect anytime thing. It’s breakfast or a simple lunch. It is the best mid-afternoon snack pulled right out of the fridge. It’s a late night supper or an after-the-club nosh. It has even been known to […]

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Put a Spoon in it…

Ideally, there would have been a post for this: I found the recipe in some page-shredded, coverless magazine while I’ve been sitting around waiting on Jane’s medical results. The fact that every other recipe in the periodical had been lifted – save this one – really should have been a tell. Conceptually it was nice: Yellow Cornmeal, Meyer Lemon […]

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All That Lemony Goodness – Numero Otto (that’s 8)

Tuscan Lemon Chicken and Cookbook Sundays This post is part of Couscous and Consciousness’s Cookbook Sundays Project. What you say? Pf cooking from a cookbook? Unadorned? Well, it’s true. I know I don’t normally play the “cook someone else’s food” game. I don’t usually play well with others… I’m the run with scissors kind of guy. […]

Pork Sandwiches Slow Cooker

The Sandwich Diaries – ” Stella!!! …”

Sheesh!, What a wuss… and all I keep thinking is, isn’t he wearing just a tad too much jewelry? I can say that because I’ve never really felt about anyone or anything that strongly. Oh don’t get me wrong, I’ve been in the “I’ll do whatever it takes, fight anyone I have to, break any […]

Asian Chicken Chinese Main Course

Chickety China the Chinese Chicken

Duck in the Hen House Chicken in the Duck Pond Duck Fried Chicken Crispy Fragrant Duck (Made with Chicken) Crispy Fragrant Duck is quite possibly my second favorite Asian thing that I usually wont make myself, for several reasons – none of which is I’m lazy.. With the price of duck these days, I just […]

Italian Main Course Pasta Poultry

Perfecting the Perfect – Chicken Vesuvio

I can’t always tell you how I get to the initial inspiration (as it were) for a recipe – it’s either something I read; something I remembered from my childhood; a bit of oral history from my family; a dish some guy was cooking in a movie – that part doesn’t really matter. I keep a […]

Bavarian International Pasta

Little Sparrows

Don’t get alarmed, we aren’t talking actual bird-like sparrows, but rather Spätzle. Quite possibly my absolute favorite when it comes to a fresh-made pasta.  Why?  Some of you Italian pasta purists might be asking yourself that very question… Because start to finish they take 4 minutes Because its a close inbred cousin to my other addiction – […]

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