Month: March 2012

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Sea of Love – Turtles, and a little salt

It all started with a recent outing to Helen, Georgia. I had stopped in at Hansel & Gretel’s Fudge Shop (honestly, that’s the name…) because..well, really just because I smelled heavy, dark cocoa… and I needed a sugar fix. In the shop, back in the very last display case, were three trays of dark chocolate […]

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Not another pancake…

If you’re a newcomer then you probably don’t know my particular aversion to pancakes. I know it’s irrational, and the fact that my siblings have no recollection of that never-ending year is inconsequential.Think of it like being afraid of clowns, (harmless but freakishly unnerving) I can’t do anything about it – but it’s there. I will make the occasional waffle, […]

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“Royale With Cheese”

“And you know what they call a  Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Paris?”  … a Royale with Cheese. “ Okay, its not That Royale … but there is cheese. I’m still working my way through the Big Box O- Cheese  from Artisanal Cheese That Ed gave me over the holidays. This time, I’m doing something with […]

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Feasting on the New Millennium

(in my best Sophia voice) Picture this…  The year was 1999 – December 31st..Vancouver, BC – on the cusp of a new Millennium… I had just dealt with a rather devastating personal blow and decided I wanted to spend two weeks at the dawn of the next great age in someplace completely different and new… The idea (in my […]

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The Sandwich Diaries – Pi(π)mento Cheese

For most of my adult life, I’ve called a major city home. I thrived on the crammed, multi-laned arteries winding into the city center, thrilled at the packed sidewalks and stores, immersed myself in the fighting throngs at the malls during the holidays… Thankfully, this is where I now call home. 2 and a half […]

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Blind Adoration

There are a couple of television celebrity cooks … chefs… people out there that I simply adore. We share the same mindset in cooking, and I find that refreshing in what’s becoming an overcrowded attack on the senses. I think  Laura Caulder  is sublime – I love her simple, carefree attitude with cooking and her unfettered  approach to […]

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Cookbook Sundays – Jambalaya With Chicken and Seafood

There are classics, there are fads, and then there’s everything else. I originally bought Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen way back in the 80’s because I wanted to learn how to blacken red fish. I did… it gave me monumental indigestion. Although, as a recipe, it wasn’t as terribly difficult as I had made it out in […]

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