Month: April 2012

Citrus Fish Main Course Marx Foods Morels

Black Cod with Citrus – Saffron – and, of course Morels

Once again, we’re doing the Morel thing. Just like the 3 days before, these recipes are part of the Marx Foods Morel Recipe contest, in which I received a package of dried morels from Marx to play around with in hopes of creating something delicious. Morels, like most fungi, lends its depth of flavors very […]


Different is nice, but it sure isn’t pretty…

I know from “different”, I’ve been different all my life… we’re best pals. Third Child Syndrome really sort of lays the groundwork for that. The first child is the over achiever, the second gets the brains and mechanical ability, and the third…well, we get what’s left over in the gene soup … the propensity for compassion, artistic […]

Easter Main Course Pork Simple Dinner Sunday

Rolled Pork Roast with Coriander Chutney

I prowl the international markets in the Atlanta area, a stalker – if you will. I rummage through the oddities of greenery in the fresh market – I poke at the slabs of petrified fish stacked like cords of funky hardwood – I jiggle the vats of condiments and kimchi trying to digest the ingredients […]

Butterscotch Chocolate Desserts Easter

Mocha Torte with Butterscotch Filling – and the Easter Shoot

Many years ago I inherited a rabbit from a friend moving out to the West Coast. He was a three-foot American Checkered named Sebastian. He was the singular greatest animal I’ve ever owned. He was house trained – spent most of his time standing and walking on his hind legs… ate out of a swanky cat […]

Chicken Cookbook Sundays Main Course

Cookbook Sundays – Country Captain

I’m a firm believer that if it had not been for Southern Living magazines and cookbooks, the dinner party never would have existed in the South. Oh, we cooked.. we literally drug our collective titties through it – but the concept of the dinner party would have been relegated to those of finer standing in the community… with “help“. […]

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