Month: May 2012

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Simple Dinner Sunday – All up in your grill…

It’s the Memorial Weekend and I’d be remiss if I didn’t have a grillin’ thang or two to add to the backyard hoo haa. And since I’m not going to be doing the cooking tomorrow.. you get it today. And, since I kinda lean that way anyway, it’s a couple of stupid simple dishes from the […]

Apples Baking Desserts Nut-Free

Apple and Currant Cream Tart

My life is full of apple memories. I remember watching mesmerized as my granddad, equipped with his trusty pocket knife, cut artful, seamless spirals of apple peel sitting in his chair… My father taking huge cheek bulging half-apple bites out of his Saturday yard work snack apple… My brothers and I carefully picking our way […]

Essentials Marx Foods Side Dishes Test Kitchen

The morel at the bottom of the bag…

I’m. Not. Happy. That’s sort of been the theme here at Turtle Creek for the past 9 months or so. Think of it as a pregnancy, only there’s no giggling little bundle of joy at the end of the turmoil…. just two people that are getting very tired of each other’s constant company. I haven’t […]

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