Month: June 2012

Appetizers Copper River Salmon Main Course Pizza

Copper River Wild Salmon – King and Fresh Pea Pesto Pizza

I told you last week I was going to do it… There’s a couple of reasons for this: One – King Salmon has a super high fattiness to it, so it lends itself extremely well to quick, high heat cooking. and Two – it’s really… really expensive. So to keep you from passing out at the market […]

Beef Main Course Peach Butter Bingo Simple Dinner Sunday

Peach Butter Bingo 4 – Peach Butter Pot Roast

Granted, I probably could have come up with a better… more creative… less vision-o-breakfast conjuring name for the pot roast… but it is what it is. This is the last of the Peach Butter Bingo recipes in the back… stop rolling your eyes…. This pot roast is deceptively simple, with a huge bang for […]

Brunch Copper River Salmon Dinner Eggs Main Course

Copper River Salmon – King and Roasted Corn Omelette

 Having a plethora of fresh salmon to do my bidding makes me feel a little invincible, and something off Mount Olympus… BE A PIZZA – and  Voila! there he is – A Fresh Pea Pesto with Salmon Medallions and Caramelized Red Onions BE A ROAST – and… it’s a roast – An Open-Face  Aubergine / […]

Copper River Salmon Talkeetna Condiments

Copper River Wild Salmon – Talkeetna Giveaway

As a part of being in the 2012 Copper River Fresh Catch Crew, we’re shipped salmon and salmon related items to use and talk about during the season. In this past week’s box, I received two of the Talkeetna Condiments seasonings to play around with. I used their Savory Salmon Seasoning as a rub in […]

Copper River Salmon Sandwiches

The Sandwich Diaries – SSBLT

I always liked how Woolworth’s labeled the lunch counter “Luncheonette”… just to make sure you didn’t confuse it with the sundries – or plastic flowers section. I think the first time I ever had a sandwich out somewhere was probably the  Luncheonette counter at the Woolworth’s in the now gutted and reworked Cobb Center. Getting to sit […]

BBQ Cookout Peach Butter Bingo Peaches Pork

Peach Butter Bingo #3 – Tie One On

Bourbon ~ Peach Butter BBQ Sauce Regionally speaking, I’m not a sweet BBQ sauce kind of guy. I like ’em hot and tart. Nothing really beats a good North Carolina vinegar sauce… or that insanely mustard-y sauce from Carey Hilliard’s in Savannah (are they even open anymore? …  I really need to get down there, see […]

Desserts Peach Butter Bingo

Peach Butter Bingo 2 – Peach Butter Roll

Roll That Beautiful Peach Footage…. The peach butter roll is a riff on my great grandmother Clara’s Chocolate Roll. Biscuit – based desserts are part of a group of foods I classify as “depression foods.” Times were hard, time – in general, was short as more and more people were leaving the farm in search […]

Copper River Salmon Main Course Side Dishes Simple Dinner Sunday

Simple Dinner Sunday – Sock(eye) It To Me!

Let’s talk about salmon.  Wild Salmon vs Farmed Salmon to be exact. Normally I wouldn’t call people out  – well, I do… in a veiled tongue-in-cheek kind of way – but this is something I really cannot let ride, and it’s been nagging me the past couple of weeks since the program aired. And before you get […]

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