Copper River Salmon – King and Roasted Corn Omelette

Copper River Salmon – King and Roasted Corn Omelette

 Having a plethora of fresh salmon to do my bidding makes me feel a little invincible, and something off Mount Olympus…

BE A PIZZA – and 
Voila! there he is –
A Fresh Pea Pesto with Salmon Medallions and Caramelized Red Onions

BE A ROAST – and…

it’s a roast –
An Open-Face  Aubergine / Porcini Coulibiac
(We’ll get to both of those this next week)

… or maybe that’s just the Omega -3s talking…
I dunno…
But I feel pretty damned special.

My latest incantation was for an Asian inspired Omelette.

“Salmon,” I says, ” Make me something with sesame oil, scallions and fermented black beans.”

Fish in the Bag says, “I can do you one better, O’ tikkity-typey man, I’ll throw in some of that corn you roasted the other night and some fish sauce.” “Who’s owning who now?”

Well played, mighty ruby-red king… “Let’s see you do your stuff.”

What… you don’t talk to your ingredients?

First, the corn.
The roasted corn is the Nero Wolfe method. Yes, that Nero Wolfe, the crime detective. And, I have my brother Ed to thank for finding it for me. For roasting corn – it’s stupid simple. but… I swear .. it’s the best corn you’ll ever eat. You can find the procedure HERE at vegweb.

If you don’t want to roast you own, place a cup of fresh off the ear corn in a hot skillet with a little cooking spray (just enough to glisten the pan) and cook until the corn lightly scorches.

Now, the Omelette:

Asian Rolled Omelette 
with King Salmon and Roasted Corn
Serves 2
1 Cup Roasted Corn off the Cobb
2 Scallions – Chopped Fine
1 Teaspoon Fermented Black Beans – Mashed
1 Teaspoon Fish Sauce
1/2 Teaspoon Sesame Oil
3 Eggs
3 Ounces King Salmon – Sliced Very Thin
Cooking Spray
Medium Mixing Bowl
Non Stick Griddle

  • In the bowl, beat together the eggs, oil, fermented black beans and fish sauce
  • Heat the griddle over medium high heat (8 on electric)
  • Spray the cooking surface and pour the corn on the griddle
  • When the corn sizzles, add the beaten egg mixture and rearrange the corn evenly in the mix
  • Sprinkle on the scallions
  • When the Omelette is about 1/2 set, place the thinly sliced salmon over the top of the eggs
  • Remove from the heat and carefully roll the Omelette towards you
  • Cut into half and serve 1/2 of the Omelette roll to each person.
The rolled omelette is a perfect way of stretching that salmon to get as many uses as you can from your purchase. The pizza coming up next week is another great extender.

5 thoughts on “Copper River Salmon – King and Roasted Corn Omelette

  1. all I can say Kay, is I am perfectly green with envy. A whole salmon of your very own. But if I lived within close proximity, I'd be fight'n you for those collars 🙂

  2. If the ingredients start to talk back, you may have a problem 😉 I love seeing all the neat things you are making with the salmon…fabulous!

  3. This looks down right scrumptious, Toby. When my husband caught a 25lb king salmon and took all the care to bring it back home to Savannah, I'd say it was the most special gift I ever received in our 20 year of marriage! 🙂 Can't wait to see what you will do with pizza.

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