Month: August 2012

Cabbage Pork Side Dishes Simple Dinner Sunday Techniques

Simple Dinner Sunday – Pork Cutlets with Mushroom Sauce

I’ve never been one of those shoppers with a rigid grocery list. Sticking to a list, ticking off every little thing so you stay within $.50 of your budgeted grocery allowance just doesn’t work for me. I like the thrill of the economical buy. And, I do like a bargain. Reference the… 6 packs of ox […]

Baleful Bounty Hay Bale Gardening Okra Sauces

Baleful Bounty – Frittering My Life Away

For those of you keeping vigil… Yes, I did an okra fritter back early last February. But –  With the bounty of okra I snagged from the Okra Man, and my own voluminous production… we need to repeat some things.. and the okra fritters were / are something that warrant a second look. The first time around, being […]

Asian Eggplant Stir-Fry

One From Column “A” – Five Spice Asian Eggplant

I’m only marginally ashamed to admit it – I buy grocery store sushi. Why? It’s brainless food. It’s a quick dinner without all the muss and fuss of actually getting in there and whooping up a tasty and healthy meal… but … I only bought one pack without really looking at what I bought, and […]

Back to the Beach Desserts Gluten Free Lactose Free

Party with a Pretty Dress – Epilogue

It was a beautiful day… The End. Let me back up a bit The morning after the last wedding post, I get a message: “Where’s the end of the story?” “You’re not going to leave us there in sub-zero temps and gale force winds, are you?”“What about the cake? The desserts? The Midnight Breakfast…..” Actually, I fully intended […]

Hay Bale Gardening Okra Tomatoes

Baleful Bounty – A whole lotta somethin’ going on…

Whether it’s been the ungodly heat, the unpredictable rainy spells, bugs, fungi, bugs, vermin in the bales or bugs… I know – I said that 3 times.. But, I’m really trying to grow organically – and the bugs are carrying  the garden away… Passive insecticides and things made out of marigolds just isn’t doing the job. […]

Avocado Copper River Salmon Grilling Sandwiches

Copper River Salmon – Poked and Prodded, The Big Thaw, Part 2

You remember last week when I grilled that Tequila and Lemongrass Salmon? well…. Tequila & Lemongrass Salmon That was only part of the story. There was supposed to be  crispy salmon tacos, ancho roasted salmon and salmon skewers to go along with it for just this glutton-fest of frozen salmon. Only, I spent the morning […]

Chicken Curb Market Crawl Desserts Fig Lactose Free Side Dishes

Navigating the Rut

I know it’s inevitable, we get wrapped up in the day-to-day of our lives and really just stop thinking about certain things. We get up, dress, work, drive… We roam around in a fog doing things automatically… and we make rationalizations for it. That sandwich shop you’ve eaten a turkey on rye every day for the […]

Curb Market Crawl Dahlonega

Curb Market Crawl – Diggin’ for Gold

Dahlonega = Gold (in case you didn’t know.) Did you know… the gold topped dome of the Georgia State Capital is from Dahlonega Gold? Home of the first major gold rush in the United States, Dahlonega is nestled in the Georgia foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains. As a child breezing through the countryside on […]

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