Copper River Salmon – SWAG and Stuff and Such…

Copper River Salmon – SWAG and Stuff and Such…

It’s Coho Season!

And while I’ve already gotten my big Bag ‘O Fish from Copper River Salmon to play with, both of us here at Turtle Creek  are battling a severe allergy season  and subsequently have been in the dumps a bit.
I just haven’t had the desire to cast in … so to speak.

So, We’ll be getting to the exciting, tasty, sexy, Coho next week. Until then, I’ve got some SWAG to give away to get you in the mood for that last fire up on the grill.

In with our fish shipments, occasionally there are additional goodies tucked in-between. I’ve held 2 of them back to give away.

1 – Emeril’s Alder Plank Smoker set up,


1 – Little tin of Slammin’ Salmon Rub (really… that’s its name…) from Summit Spice and Tea Company.

I’m making it a package deal so you can season up a great slab of Coho, smoke it up, and impress all your friends.

So, if you want it… you gotta fight for it…. and I’m only doing it on the Facebook page
so, head over to the Plate Fodder Facebook page, get the details – rules – and get in on the chance to win.

Oh, and it’s open globally – so if you live in .. say, Christchurch, be prepared… it’s going to take a while to get there.

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