Month: October 2012

Easy Main Course One Dish Dinners Pork Sausage

Every Day I’m Fenneling… Sausage Polenta Bake

God, I do love the internet thing when it comes to cooking. Don’t get me wrong, I treat my stack ‘o cookbooks like they’re Fort Knox. And for research ~ menu development ~ experimentation ~ food porn, I wouldn’t trade them for the world. But days like today, when I’ve got no real interest in […]

Curb Market Crawl Fennel Main Course Pasta Simple Dinner Sunday

Curb Market Crawl – Meatier, Meat Sauce

Fennel Dee, Dee… ” I adore thinly shaved fennel tossed with a light olive oil vinaigrette, scattered on a fresh  roasted garlic and white truffle pizza.” … said by – absolutely no one at the Dahlonega Walmart… ever… And I know that because I found  Six – marked down, re-labeled, name changed and marked down again, and a […]

Chickpeas International Main Course Simple Dinner Sunday Slow Cooker

99 cans of chickpeas on the wall…

For the most part – they’ve been there a year. Back last October when I was preparing for the “Party with a Pretty Dress”, in the middle of packing the truck for the 5 hour drive, I rationally  ran to the market and picked up 15 cans of discount chickpeas. Thinking, that on top of […]

Integrale Rice International Marx Foods Rice Side Dishes

Spanish Style Brown Rice – It’s Heazy!

Um.. Heazy.. … not to be confused with dubious rapper speak referring to a particular sector of personal space. “That car was all up in my heazy… fo’ sheazy.” Several months ago… okay – like 8, I got a box of Integrale Brown Risotto Rice from Marx Foods to play around with. And as things […]

Coho Salmon Copper River Salmon Main Course Simple Dinner Sunday

Copper River Salmon – Salmon Pot Pie

Granted, it’s probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you say Pot Pie…. maybe not even the second… yet. First things first – A huge thank you to Copper River Wild Salmon and the Folks of Cordova, Alaska for all the hard work in managing the season, responsibly sustaining and catching all […]

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