Month: November 2012

Christmas Gluten Free Holiday

Get Your Pudding On…

If this were a perfect world, I’d probably publish this recipe on Christmas Eve. You would get all kinds of unreasonably giddy with thoughts of Christmases long past. You’d conjure up memories of diving into that mammoth matriarchal pudding by the fading light of the brandy flame and claiming the little sterling prize. You’d then jump up, run […]

Breakfast Breakfast for Dinner Brunch Easy Fennel

Warning, Turkey-Free Zone

I’m not what you call a turkey fan. I mean, I’ve cooked ’em… and, I eat ’em… But I really don’t want that half butchered carcass hanging around in the fridge for a week while I work up the nerve to re-purpose it into something less recognizable as turkey. It has just never made sense […]

Comfort Food Desserts Pudding Rice

Simmering Sweetness – Mochi Rice Pudding

Over the years, I really never warmed to the idea of rice pudding. I have had it over and over, in varying degrees of chefdom expertise, expecting it to somehow be different. But regardless of what diner, colorful commercial packaging or elevated restaurant, the promise and the hype never seem to gel into deliciousness for me. It is, after […]

Chinese International Pork

One From Column B – Twice Cooked Pork

Alright, it’s confession time. This really isn’t authentic Twice Cooked Pork. But in my defense, I can probably count on one hand… with 3 fingers missing… the number of times I had authentic Twice Cooked Pork in a Chinese restaurant… including my trips to Asia. I’ve decided that it has become the Chinese version of refrigerator stir […]

Baleful Bounty Quick Breads Side Dishes Sweet Potato

Hello, My Loverlies…

Okay, I know you’re supposed to let fresh sweet potatoes cure for a couple of months before you eat them. It allows the flavors to concentrate, the water evaporate and the sugars develop… But, this year’s Baleful Bounty produced some gargantuan sweet potatoes and  I just couldn’t wait any longer to get into them.. I mean… it […]

Cauliflower Fennel Side Dishes Vegetables

Tales Of Woe – “The one with the Cauliflower…”

The other week I picked up several (read that as five) heads of cauliflower. Do I love cauliflower? … yes, yes I do. But that isn’t the point of this tale. No, the poking and prodding to  stock up, as it were, was my nagging little inner voice concerning that absurd thing called  The Cauliflower Pizza Crust. If […]

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