Holiday, New Years Day Dinner

Keeping Tradition – The Turtle Creek Method

When my parents were still building the cabin at the rear of the property where Turtle Creek now resides, it was time divided between two lives. The house in Marietta – where jobs and obligations lived. And the cabin  in Dahlonega – where their new life as retirees would one day begin.
They would pack up the vehicles on Fridays and make the long back roads trip to spend every free moment of the weekend hanging drywall, painting and installing the finishing elements of their house in the hills.

New Year’s week 1989, my dad had taken the week off in order to do as much as possible at the cabin to get it livable, and decided to spend the week here… “roughing it” and working.

And while they had remembered the champagne for the big countdown, it seems they had forgotten to pack…buy… make anything else for the celebration… and all there was in the assorted ice chests and pantry was a lone package of Fig Newtons.
They toasted the New Year with pink champagne and fig cakes.

The next year, as a joke, they repeated the celebration in the same fashion. And now, 23 years later, Every year the standard hors d’oeuvres du jour has been the same.

I tip my glass of pink bubbly to you all and as I nibble on my odd little fig cookie / cake thing, wish for you a happier and prosperous 2013!


  1. @ Phong – And a Happy newish Year to you as well! I have to tell ya – NOT my favorite cookie.. by any means.

  2. Hi Toby! Happy New Year and I wish you all good things to come this 2013. I thought those cookies looked familiar and now I get it, fig newtons! Haven't eaten them in a while 🙂

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