Month: February 2013

Appetizers Asian Chicken Main Course Side Dishes

Wing It! – Asian Spiced Chicken Wings

Sooo… did you all do your homework and read yesterday’s post about sorghum syrup? good… let’s move on. I’ve always had this funny thing about chicken wings. Not particularly because we ate them all that much at home. I mean… they came attached to the chicken, but buying a package of wings? That never happened. […]

Ingredients Locally Grown Syrup

Locally Grown – Sorghum Syrup

Generally speaking, it’s a Southern thing. Although over the years it’s been produced across the country as far north as Minnesota. Sorghum syrup is to the South like baked beans are to Boston. And let me be clear, this isn’t anything like maple syrup. Sorghum originally came to the South  in the pockets and packs of the […]

Beef Grains Main Course Side Dishes Weekday Meals

A Little Tail…

Oh, I could expound on the glory, the finger licking and bone sucking – near orgasmic  feat in devouring ox tail… But that would just be cruel. Ox tail is, and always will be, the completely misunderstood cut of meat. Tough, stringy meat?    … sure Fattiness cubed? … but, of course Bizarre weaponized bone structure? […]

Fish Main Course Mexican Shellfish Simple Dinner Sunday

Vacations Past & Seafood Veracruz

Sometime well before The Gulf Cost of Mexico became a slightly more garish version of Panama City, you could grab a $150 flight with an ID and a promise that you were a US Citizen, bribe a taxi, and be on the beach somewhere in the vicinity of Campeche just before the sun started to […]

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