Month: March 2013

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Talkin’ Swede (Part 2) – Get in my Belly

Feasting on Neeps… We’ll dispense with all that background stuff from earlier and just get to the goods today. (Head back THIS WAY if you didnt read PART 1) And, while there are a lot of tasty, ingenious ways to prepare swede out there on the internettyweb-o-matic thingy, not everyone is going to be all […]

Curb Market Crawl Nutritional Info Side Dishes Swede Vegetables

Talkin’ Swede (Part 1) Just the Facts, Ma’am

A Cabbage Turnip by any other name… Call it a Swede, a Neep, a Yellow Turnip, Rotabagge, Snadgers, Snarkies or Swedish Turnip, we’re talking the same language. It’s a Rutabaga. Swede is a member of the large Brassica family which includes Turnips, Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower, and Cabbage. Originally noted in Sweden in the early 1600’s […]

Chicken International Main Course Weekday Meals

Weeknight Meals – Chicken with Tomato Chutney

Here’s the thing… this is probably less of a chutney and more of an affected curry. But I really hate calling things curry.. that, well… isn’t. And besides, curry just brings to mind snippets of that forgotten night where me and the donkey woke up covered in roti crumbs reeking of hookah smoke. merrr… So, […]

Seafood Shrimp Weekday Meals

Weekday Meals – Crispy Potato Cakes with Spicy Shrimp

Oh, blame it on the copy of “Irish Pub Cooking” Jane left conspicuously lying around with Colcannon earmarked. Blame it on the fact that after I marinated two dozen shrimp destined for the grill, Jane didn’t want them. Blame it on the quart of mashed potatoes already cooked in the fridge. Blame it.. well, just blame ME. […]

Breakfast Brunch Healthy Whole Grains

Tales of Woe – The one with the oatmeal

I should eat healthier. I know I should… I’m 50+ (ish),and I’m fully aware of just how much I abused the temple in my younger years. Debauchery, indiscretions, and work related stress aside, my idea of healthy eating was ordering part-skim mozzeralla on my pizza and toasting shredded wheat biscuits with bacon and cheddar. It’s not that I didn’t eat well, or […]

Chocolate Comfort Food Depression Desserts

Roll on One – Clara’s Chocolate Roll

Since we’re coming up on our anniversary (we’re starting our 4th year this month)… or birthday… or however it is that we keep track of non-living things – I’m going back to the recipe that started it all at Plate Fodder. It’s my great grandmother’s Chocolate Roll. This is a recipe that speaks volumes of […]

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