Month: April 2013

Chicken Main Course Simple Dinner Sunday

Hadji and a Couple of Thugs

Here’s the thing… so it’s not quite Alibaba and the Forty Thieves… okay – not even close. But the thought of packing 40 cloves of garlic into a chicken wing dish just gave Jane the Heebie Jeebies , ’cause she’s not really the garlic-zoo-breath kind of fan like I am. But – What I did have was: […]

Breakfast Cakes Oats Whole Grains

Baked Oats – Revisited

I’ve been eating baked oatmeal nearly everyday since that first post a couple of weeks ago. I’ve done it with pearled oats, steel cut oats, old fashioned and quick cook.  I’ve changed the ingredient mix-ins, I’ve monkeyed around with proportions and liquids and cooking times… And, I’ve come to the realization of a couple of truths: I […]

Bread Hoarders Anonymous Breads Easter Holiday

Bread Whore – Holla’, erm… Challah!

I’m a card carrying member of Bread Hoarders Anonymous.  So, Forget that I have a package of English Muffins in the fridge (and one in the freezer). Never mind that there are a dozen buttermilk biscuits, 8 corn muffins, a bag of Tablouleh rolls, 2 packs of flour tortillas, a tube of canned biscuits, and a loaf […]

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