Month: February 2014

Easy Fish Italian One Dish Dinners

The Unfinished Manuscript – Pasta al Tonno

Once again, we’re doing our part of The Unfinished Manuscript. Previously, we did a Focaccia, and this makes a fine accompaniment to it, or works well on it’s own as a one dish dinner, or a fish course for a much larger meal. As before, the author’s recipe just didn’t wow me. Not that there […]


The Unfinished Manuscript – Leg #1 ~ Dahlonega, Georgia

Several months ago A fellow food writer and friend – Julie @ Cookbook Fetish – found an unfinished cookbook manuscript in an “antique” store. We sort of giggled about it at the time, wondering why someone would go through the effort of writing a book…. then trashing it. We mused about the idea of cooking […]

Breakfast Brunch Buttermilk Dairy Eggs

Buttermilk French Toast

We’ve been talking buttermilk the past couple of days, and I realize not everyone knows what I mean when I refer to “good” buttermilk. So, let’s look at the dairy counter for a bit. Undoubtedly, you’re going to see a minimum of three different kinds of buttermilk when you look at the labels – Cultured […]

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