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Garden Project 2014 – The Creep


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A couple of years ago I bought some long forgotten native plant (I don’t remember what it was… it died) from my favorite “Native Plant Nursery” in Ellijay.



Mountain Ridge Garden Shop, Ellijay Georgia

Anyway, in along with whatever it was, was a single, small sprig of this scalloped leafed, blue flowered “thing”.

Creeping Charlie

I thought it was pretty. So I left it alone and let it grow to see what it would do.

This thing is Creeping Charlie. A drought resistant, deer resistant, eradication resistant weed. Supposedly, you can use it as a herb, or make a poultice out of the crushed leaves for aches and pains, or eat it as a salad green, or make a calming tea out of it. I don’t recommend any of those things. While the leaves are palatable, it’s got this weird goaty – sheepy – lanolin vibe to it… like eating mutton steeped in tarragon.

What I can do with it… is pull it up. Daily… all day… every day. It grows about 8″ a day. The attractive little blooms produce quickly maturing seeds that are instantly viable. The vine-y things have little nodes that produce feeder roots if it’s disturbed. And the best part is – any part of the plant that is broken will produce roots…. and grow…. rapidly.

So, I’ve got a mess of vines, copious amounts of seeds, and a matted network of roots latticed through the mulched soil that has “creeped” the entire garden, and the adjoining planting beds.

I’m going to be a while getting this under control.










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5 thoughts on “Garden Project 2014 – The Creep”

  1. My brother-in-law and family have a cabin near Ellijay, on some pretty river, which we have had the privilege of visiting. Beautiful country! The bane of my garden, such as it is in Dubai – mostly herbs – is the mint. Damn, that stuff can grow!


    • yeah, I finally got rid of the chocolate mint I planted 2 years ago – man! I swear that stuff can grow on concrete.


      • I think you are right. And it’s not just the growth on top! I was pulling roots out the length of my herb bed, where there wasn’t even any mint. My mother had warned me. Why, oh, why didn’t I listen?!


    • Ellijay is such a pretty area, I agree. My brother and his family have a house there. I think if I ever move from Dahlonega.. I’ll relocate closer to that side of the ridge…. just higher up in the mountains :)


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