Month: May 2014

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Steakhouse ~ Brussels Sprouts

In a perfect world – I’d own a steakhouse. Well… that’s a load of crap. In a perfect world – I’d be perpetually 35, insanely physically fit, and never have to work another day in my life… not to mention riding through town on my lion while eating Walnut Turkish Delight out of a constantly […]

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Steakhouse ~ Red Spring Onions

  Looking at this year’s garden plan, I realized I had gotten a tad over-zealous with my onion planting. No one really needs 5 dozen red onion plants… especially when I’ve got 3 dozen Texas Sweet and another 4 dozen Late Season Yellows bedded in. I mean, I do like me some onions, but I’d […]

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The Weekly Wildflower ~ Blue-eyed Grass

  Say hello to Sisyrinchium angustifolium or “Blue-eyed Grass, Lucerne” While not really a grass, Sisyrinchium is in the iris family, and is more closely related to Wood Flags or Wild Iris. Color-wise they can vary from white, to pale blue, to bluish purple to true blue…. depending on the variety. The Blue/Purple or Purple Montanum […]

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Chicken Little ~ or, Cornish Game Hens

    Every once in a while little chickens made an appearance at the dinner table. We (the kids) felt fancy – primarily because we were eating chicken with a long, complicated name… and we got a whole bird… and we could pretend we were giants… That is, until dad saw us playing with our […]

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The Mayo Clinic

While theoretically a sauce, mayonnaise has become the mother of all condiments in the  States. A tomato sandwich just isn’t a sandwich without mayo, and a banana sammich – if you ain’t got the mayonnaise, just forget about it. It is the basis for thousands of sandwich spreads, it is the glue – the lubrication […]

Gardening @ Turtle Creek Non - Food

The Weekly Wildflower – Hawkweed ~ Rattlesnake Weed

Say hello to Hawkweed or Rattlesnake Weed. Known in many circles as an invasive weed because the plant does introduce toxins into the soil that will inhibit other types of plant growth. However, if you’re doing like we are, hawkweed can be used in natural wooded settings and mossy areas where you aren’t terribly concerned about […]

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