A Little Face Painting

A Little Face Painting

pure periwinkle


After seven years, the cottage is finally starting to settle in and looks like it belongs here on the ridge. But, with age comes a certain amount of wear… and wrinkles… and fading.

Jane’s wanted to paint the doors for some time now, but finding the exact color for something you’re going to look at every day isn’t easy.


You want something brighter, and inviting

  • we looked a a multitude of blues, and purples, and creams – and lighter browns

But none of those really did the trick.

Then we found this!

pp 2

Glidden Pure Periwinkle

  • and yes… it’s High Gloss!

pp 3

It’ll be making it’s way around the house this summer, going on all the exterior doors, the garden gates, and even the Potting Shed.








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