Egg Smash, and the Tater Tot Frittata

Egg Smash, and the Tater Tot Frittata

Egg Smash


Usually, I’m pretty conscientious when I go shopping… I bring my own bags, I load my cart with fragile things tucked under or in the little flippy basket, I arrange things on the conveyor checkout thingy so bruisy – easily damaged things don’t end up under the laundry detergent, and I don’t let them bag my crap in 10,000 flimsy plastic bags. I hate those things. Loading them into the trunk and hauling 60 bags into the house with 2 things in it just makes me crazy.

But I was distracted.

… and I forgot my bags

… and before I could go all insane old man on them, they had bagged my entire haul into 22 little plastic bags. So I wheeled my cart full of windsocks out to the car and barreled home in a fury.

I was still irritated when I got home, and I began snatching handfuls of lightly filled bags – not really paying attention to what I was doing… and slung the  bag with 2 lemons and a dozen eggs out into the driveway….

I broke them all. The eggsnot the lemons.

You know I’m cheap… so, instead of going directly to the trash,  I scooped up the bag of goo and  hurried into the kitchen with my casualties. I hoped that some of the eggs would have survived the full gainer onto the concrete – but no. 12 fully cracked or obliterated orbs. Now, being even more irritated at the bagging clerk, I dumped the contents of the carton into a tamis and screened out all the shell bits, thinking that I’d just eat on the pre-cracked eggs all week.

Here’s the thing… eggs in the shell are sexy – whereas, pre-cracked and screened eggs in a Tupperware are kinda gross and nauseating… and the longer I thought about the cup and a half of yellow viscous liquid in the fridge, the more I knew that I wan’t going to be able to eat on them for an extended period of time… I had to use them quickly.


ttf 1


Say it with me, FRIT – TA – TA. A staple in Spanish Tapas joints, it’s basically an omelette that’s eaten at just about any point during the day for a snack or a nosh, or even late into the evening to soak up some of the revelry that’s rolling around in your tummy. The primary differences between and omelette and a frittata are three-fold: a frittata is slower cooked and finished in the oven, allowing the eggs to cook denser and form a browned crust. – 2. The ingredients are mixed in with the eggs as opposed to being stuffed inside like a present. And, the obvious difference… it’s open-faced, and not folded into some bizarre origami envelope.

The frittatas I’ve always eaten have contained potatoes. And since I really didn’t feel like peeling 2 potatoes just for the thing… I punted…. I used Tater Tots.

Tater Tot Frittata 5

Tater Tot Frittata

with Tomato Salsa

Serves 2 to 4

6 to 8 Eggs – Smashed and strained… or you can go the pedestrian route and crack them into a bowl

1/2 Spanish Onion – Diced

12 Tater Tots – Thawed

2 Scallions – Medium Chop

1 Cup Grated Cheese (Use your Favorite – Something aged, Something not so oily, Something Spanish and sheepy –  like Manchego)

Salt and Pepper

2 Tablespoons Oil

For the Tomato Salsa:

1 Cup “Bottled” Mild Salsa

1/4 Teaspoon Ground Cumin

2 to 3 Saffron Threads

Tools of the Trade:

Large Non Stick (Oven Safe) Skillet


Mixing Bowl


Tater Tot Frittata 3

In the bowl, “Beat” together the eggs, onions, tots and seasoning.   Heat the skillet and oil on medium low. Add the eggs and gently stir until the mixture begins to form a thicken custard appearance. Turn the heat up to medium and set the bottom.   Crank the broiler to high and place the skillet directly under the elements (about 4″ away). Cook until the edges begin to brown and crisp.  Top with the cheese and return to the broiler until the cheese is completely melted and bubbling.

Top with the salsa and cut into squares or wedges.

To make the Salsa:

Add the salsa, saffron and cumin to a small micro-safe bowl. Cover with plastic wrap and heat on high for 1 minute. Pour into the center of the cooked frittata.

Tater Tot Frittata



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  1. You certainly were smart to save what you could for your frittata. I love them…actually I just made one yesterday.

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