Garden Project 2014 ~ Busy as Bees

Garden Project 2014 ~ Busy as Bees

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With the recent late afternoon storms and hot , hot – ninth ring of hell hot – summer afternoons, the Early Sunglow Corn has shot up like kudzu.


 Sun and heat trigger the tassels


Which in turn release the rows of  pollen laden capsules


which makes the recent emergence of a new hatching of bumblebees VERY happy…


which fertilize the corn silk


which makes ear upon ear of delicious, sweet, milky corn later this month.

To read more about how corn does what it does, you can find more information  HERE


and to read  more about bumblebees and pollination, and why they’re more important than honey bees – you can find out everything you need to know HERE


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    1. I’ve only been back ” in the woods” for about 5 years – spending most of my adult life like you in urban settings. It’s amazing how much this does to re-setting my inner peace. It’s going to be a hard decision if I ever have to leave all this. 🙂

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