The Barrel Hoop Walkway

The Barrel Hoop Walkway

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On the northern side of the cottage, just before the land drops off dangerously sharp, I installed a deadfall garden and stumpery. A “Stumpery” is a collection of natural and unique..well… stumps and other forms of log and tree matter. These I’ve interspersed with perennials, grasses, rocks and birdhouses to create a minute haven for critters. (Trust me, it’s attractive.)

Anyway, I’ve never been really happy with the walkway bordering the garden.

Back earlier in the year, I came across a stack of rusty barrel hoops that my Dad, for some odd reason, had saved and squirreled away at the shop. Perhaps he once had something in mind for them – I’ll never know. They have just been quietly rusting away into obscurity for the past seven years. I thought it was time to either use them or haul them away.

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I’ve recessed the hoops about 2″ into the soil and excavated and leveled the interior circle. Each hoop holds 1 – 25# bag of pond pebbles, which I’ve tamped down to pack them into a walk-able surface, and back filled the excavated earth around the filled hoops. Since there were only 12 hoops and I needed to bridge the distance to complete the walkway, I’ve alternated 12″ x 12″ concrete pavers between the pebble circles.

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I think the finished effect will be quite attractive once I sow the earth surrounds with creeping ground cover this next Spring. I’m considering


~ or ~

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