The Weekly Wildflower ~ The “Non” Flowers

The Weekly Wildflower ~ The “Non” Flowers

The obligatory disclaimer:

I make no assertions nor assumptions that any of the fungi shown here are edible. I’m not a mycologist. The general rule of thumb when observing any wild flora and fungi is:

When in doubt – consider it poisonous.”blue

While most people wouldn’t consider  Mushrooms and Toadstools flowers, in fact they really are. The parts we see above ground are the “flowers” of a network of fungi filaments coursing through the ground.WP_20140909_038

Found in moister areas of leaf rot or decomposing forest matter, the flowering spore heads are usually triggered by periods of intense –  or slow, soaking rains where the forest floor saturates under the deluge, signaling to the fungi filaments that conditions are right for reproduction.


I know a large portion of people would consider any of these blights on their property.

WP_20140909_052 - Copy

But, since I have a relatively large, natural wooded area here at Turtle Creek…

WP_20140912_010 - Copy

… and a considerable amount of decaying woodland as the result of high winds,  harsh Winters, and marauding Woodpeckers,

WP_20140912_016 - Copy

I tend to let nature take it’s course and help me decompose all the rubbish.

WP_20140912_018 - Copy

Fungi also provide food for many of the smaller rodents and beneficial insects

WP_20140912_020 - Copy

Besides, even with fungi, sometimes you are rewarded with something fantastic…

WP_20140912_021 - Copy

WP_20140912_024 - Copy

WP_20140912_025 - Copy

WP_20140915_008 - Copy

WP_20140919_001 - Copy

WP_20140919_002 - Copy

WP_20140919_003 - Copy

WP_20140919_007 - Copy

WP_20140919_010 - Copy

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