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No Buns for You

Historically speaking – since this isn’t even Good Friday, I really shouldn’t be making them at all.

that is...

if I were English

and lived in Elizabethan England, where they considered the buns were too special and sacred to be consumed any other time of the year…

and, if I cared a great deal about goofy superstitions (I don’t, by the way).


And if you get right down to it – these really aren’t Hot Cross Buns, because the recipe isn’t traditional – the fruits are all wrong – and the bun isn’t dry like a powder keg.

No, these are soft, lush, pillow-y, enriched brioche-style buns… with an “X” on top – and they’re delicious any time of the year.


But – if you still feel hinkey about flapping in the face of superstitious traditions – then share one with a compadre, so that your friendship will grow stronger and you’ll both enjoy excellent luck throughout the year. .




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  1. Never mind the interesting timing or the unusual mix of fruits, a brioche-like bun sounds infinitely more appealing that the dry buns that often pass for edible Easter time fare. Nice job, Toby! You really should join my Bread Bakers group. We’d enjoy your input, your sense of humor and the sharing of some of your beautiful bread.

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