As Thick As Pea Soup

As Thick As Pea Soup

Our 3 year-old back up chest freezer gave up the ghost and died today. It’s an irritation. Not entirely because the thing stopped working… things happen. It is because

A.) It wasn’t that old. and,

B.) I have to replace it with another like kind of inexpensive machinery. and,

C.) I have to go through all the stored bits and bags of veg, meat, stock bones, Parmesan rind, citrus zest, extra egg whites – and the like… and decide what I’m going to keep and what to trash. and then,

D.) Do the same thing in the Main Freezer to make room for everything I can’t live without.

I had 6 packages of frozen Green Peas in the freezer….. I don’t know why. Since I wasn’t going to throw them away… and I really needed that real estate in the working freezer for a large hen I bought on special (I wasn’t about to trash perfectly good protein, either), I figured it was time for some Spring Pea Soup

Pea Soup 3

When I was a kid, The Magic Pan restaurants carried a Potage St Germain, which was basically a super thick split pea soup. You could get it with either a dollop of sour cream on top – or a little shot of sherry to swirl into the green goodness. I always opted for the sherry.

I figured I could whirl all the peas up and come up with a pretty close facsimile. Just so you know, I’ve made the soup Lactose Free, but don’t feel obligated to  do the same. If you aren’t shy about your dairy, use sweet cream butter and regular half & half.

[gmc_recipe 6802]

Pea Soup 1

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