Garden Project 2015 ~ Ebb & Flow

Garden Project 2015 ~ Ebb & Flow


I’m taking a step back from the fervent gardening of the past. As with most living things, gardens need to grow, change, and evolve.


And while I’ve had immeasurable enjoyment experimenting with the hay bales, the potato cages and hanging beds, and all the different varieties of vegetables here at Turtle Creek,  I’ve decided it’s time for a change. Don’t worry, there will still be some unique vegetables, but I’m allowing the garden to slowly morph into what we intended for the space –  a restful spot and  flower garden for Jane.


The wild strawberries I uncovered as part of the front forest clearing will be relocated to a permanent home in the garden, and the asparagus I planted last season are maturing nicely and will remain. However the bulk of the vegetable garden will move over to the Lodge property where there is more even / fully accessible ground for a workable Hay Bale garden. (The ground there is in the same condition as the rest of the property and will need several years of conditioning to make the chirt productive.)


At least… that was the plan.


When I told Jane what my intentions were, she said, “no tomatoes? or okra?” and “…can we plant some watermelon?” and, “don’t you want some vegetables?”

So instead, this year we have four varieties of Sicilian Eggplants (The small round globes), and a Thai green variety which have since been placed in potted locations and scattered  throughout the hardy herb beds.


The Butter-crunch and Red Romaine lettuces I planted primarily for color  are almost finished for the season. And instead of late summer annuals, these beds will transition into Tomato beds (Yellow Boy, Mister Stripey, and Bush hybrids [good for sauce], and some scattered chard plants. Yellow straight neck squash has taken over the planned tulip beds, and yellow watermelon have entered into a timeshare agreement with the front rose trellises. WP_20150427_068

The damper area closest to the potting shed is now home to a crop of Brussels Sprouts and Savoy Spinach (the only real spinach, as far as I’m concerned.) …those wild strawberries will just have to wait until Fall to be relocated.



Maybe NEXT year we can get to those flower beds….

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