The Scholar with a Cactus for a Head

The Scholar with a Cactus for a Head

Clara would use any bit of leftover pot or pan for a planter. Her porch and garden overflowed with chipped enamel pots of marigolds; cracked candy dishes of moss roses; a compromised pressure cooker repurposed as the singles bar for Bachelors Buttons and Old Maids. Think – Junkman’s Daughter meets Alan Titchmarsh…

Jane had purchased (some years ago) a cheap blue & white ceramic Asian scholar for the yard. To be honest, he was a bit kitsch-y. None-the-less, she loved it. He sat for years guarding the entrance to the walled-in garden.

While having some removals done, he broke into 3 pieces (head, torso, feet) I restacked the damn thing – no one being the wiser…. and later, I fell on him and crushed his scholarly little head. I was told to just throw him out…. but, I couldn’t.

1). I’m cheap, and

2). Clara always made use of useless things.

3). It makes Jane crazy.

So, this is my tiny bit of homage to my Great Grandmother’s memory. It’s not quite a pressure cooker… but it’s close. The scholar now has a comfortable spot to survey the garden under the Curly Willow…. with a cactus for a head

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