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All that Lemony Goodness ~ #10

The other day while Jane was doing a bit of research, she came across the little jewel of information that hazelnuts aren’t the same thing as other tree nuts. Meaning – supposedly, she should be able to eat them and not have to hop on the train to Crazytown. I bought a small (1 cup) […]

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All That Lemony Goodness – Lemon ~ Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

  ” I want a cookie…” Generally speaking, those four words don’t usually raise shrieks of alarms in your head. But, then again… you don’t live up on the hill here at Turtle Creek; where everything tasty is filled with things that are taboo – and the list of things we can’t eat grows like that Creeping […]

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Put a Spoon in it…

Ideally, there would have been a post for this: I found the recipe in some page-shredded, coverless magazine while I’ve been sitting around waiting on Jane’s medical results. The fact that every other recipe in the periodical had been lifted – save this one – really should have been a tell. Conceptually it was nice: Yellow Cornmeal, Meyer Lemon […]

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All That Lemony Goodness – Numero Otto (that’s 8)

Tuscan Lemon Chicken and Cookbook Sundays This post is part of Couscous and Consciousness’s Cookbook Sundays Project. What you say? Pf cooking from a cookbook? Unadorned? Well, it’s true. I know I don’t normally play the “cook someone else’s food” game. I don’t usually play well with others… I’m the run with scissors kind of guy. […]

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A day late and a dolla’ short

2011? Well, it’s over…   done with…   gone… and save for a few bright moments and flickers of joy – It was an abysmally bad year here at Turtle Creek, and one I’d really care not to repeat anytime soon. So I’m closing the books on ol’ 11 and onward and upwards to number 12. […]

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All That Lemony Goodness #7 – Chicken with Radicchio, Lemons and Olives

I’m always on the hunt for a good stew. And these past two weeks, with mom in the hospital with a heart attack – family pouring in to lend their aid and support – and a whole lotta mouths to feed, a good savory, chicken-y stew seemed just the ticket. And, if I can throw […]

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All That Lemony Goodness #6 – Chicken Piccata

 Pucker Up Buttercup! Back when I first started going out to dinner (as an adult), I got hooked on veal piccata. Wherever I went, whatever the city, I scoured the menu searching for those three magic words – Butter – Lemon – Capers .. the trifecta of culinary nirvana. I didn’t’ realize that I had […]

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All That Lemony Goodness – 五 (that’s 5)

(If you’re keeping count) I have a sweet-ish tooth. And, when I’m stressed – I want something sweet. Not the eat a bag of Ghirardelli Chocolates in one sitting kind of thing, but something to take the edge off. Being on the job hunt this past entire year… I’ve been stressed…. a lot. In order […]

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All That Lemony Goodness – Goin’ Dutch

Egg Day #1 – 6 eggs used I love lazing around on Sunday mornings in the fall. It gives me a chance to drink a whole pot of coffee… read the Dahlonega Nugget (twice)… and think about what I want for breakfast. Even after the pancake disasters of my youth, I still crave that bread-y, […]

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