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Curb Market Crawl ~ Roasted Apple Charlotte

I really haven’t done much poking around the curb markets this season. The opportunity to just fly willy-nilly behind the wheel, hoping to chance on some odd roadside farm stand, just didn’t present itself…. I’m a busy guy… I’ve got things to do. But, I did make the effort to stop in at The Tomato House […]

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It’s Apple Season! – Peanut Butter / Caramel Tarte Tatin

Burt’s Farm – Dawsonville (just past Amicolola Falls) You know it’s Fall when you feel even the slightest dip in the morning temperatures. The air has that crispness you just don’t get any other time of the year. The sourwood trees begin to redden, the forests begin their pre-leaf settling in preparation for the onslaught […]

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Apple of my Eye – Baked Apples

“If one out of ten Americans planted 2 fruit trees, the world would be richer by nearly 6 billion pounds of fruit.” – Rosalind Creasy, Champion of edible landscaping Think about it… with that surplus of fruit, we could have a whole network of national fruit swapping going on… Backyard Georgia apple growers could swap […]

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