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Tahini Grilled Chicken

  Yes, yes… it does day “eating allergy free” up there in the picture. But, before you go all cat lady crazy on me – let me explain. First off, I’m not calling it “All Encompassing Allergy Free” because frankly if you go that far, you’re just living off air… that’s been scrubbed… and hasn’t […]

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July 4th Eats – Brunswick Stew

Why yes, you’re absolutely correct, I did do the Brunswick Stew back in the beginning of Plate Fodder. But like a lot of things – everything changes… Castleberry’s is out of business Hunt’s changed the recipe on the Hickory BBQ Sauce and added an ungodly amount of sugar. And the same really goes for any bottled ketchup […]

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Peach Butter Bingo #3 – Tie One On

Bourbon ~ Peach Butter BBQ Sauce Regionally speaking, I’m not a sweet BBQ sauce kind of guy. I like ’em hot and tart. Nothing really beats a good North Carolina vinegar sauce… or that insanely mustard-y sauce from Carey Hilliard’s in Savannah (are they even open anymore? …  I really need to get down there, see […]

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One From Column A – Char Siu

Brian (my partner in crime for a great many years) and I lived for Saturdays. Saturday was the day the BBQ Place (I know, a strange name for a Chinese restaurant) at Asian Square on Buford Hwy pumped out non stop Char Siu – and we stuffed ourselves in plate upon plate of  mahogany lacquered, perfectly […]

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Lammykins and the Big Pit of Fire

There’s a woman at the top of the hill that sells baby “pet” goats and sheep. It’s true, the crudely hand painted sign attests to it. “PET BABY GOATS AND SHEEP FOR SALE” Although I am inclined to believe that no one actually buys them as “pets“. The stock of hooved beasts rotates in and out, the […]

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