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Shandy Glazed Spare Ribs

Shandy – typically, a wheat beer with lemon / lime soda mixed into it. So, one day while sorting through a “mix-ur-own-6pk” allotment at the market, I came across several different makers of shandys –  I threw in a couple to try out. I know why I thought I’d like it. Back when everyone lived […]

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Taste of Summer – Herbed Shrimp Burgers

  Long, many years ago there once was a shack at the far end of Tybee Beach that served Shrimp Burgers. Two gals ran the place – One hidden in the back, whacking and chopping fresh Thunderbolt shrimp into mincemeat; while the other fried them up and slung the finished burgers out to a long […]

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Man On Fire

Since it’s grilling time… let’s get at it. I’ve contemplated doing a whole “big meat on the grill” thing, but when you get right down to it… it’s meat on fire – nothing terribly complicated or glamorous… and I’m OK with that. I love me some charcoal cooked meat. The thing that makes grilling special, […]

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