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A Little Tail…

Oh, I could expound on the glory, the finger licking and bone sucking – near orgasmic  feat in devouring ox tail… But that would just be cruel. Ox tail is, and always will be, the completely misunderstood cut of meat. Tough, stringy meat?    … sure Fattiness cubed? … but, of course Bizarre weaponized bone structure? […]

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Back to the Beach – Menu Set #1

I’ve tried to come up with a way to dole out the recipes for the Party with a Pretty Dress without it being just one long, never-ending disgorging of information. Since it was a buffet, to do everything justice, I’ve decided to break the dinner apart into three separate menus that can be reproduced as individual meals, […]

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Peach Butter Bingo 4 – Peach Butter Pot Roast

Granted, I probably could have come up with a better… more creative… less vision-o-breakfast conjuring name for the pot roast… but it is what it is. This is the last of the Peach Butter Bingo recipes in the back… stop rolling your eyes…. This pot roast is deceptively simple, with a huge bang for […]

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Cookbook Sunday, and a little tail

I have no illusions that this post will resonate with a vast majority of readers. Just as well as I know that 80% of you probably wouldn’t  make this dish even as a last resort. These revelations come to me due in a very large part to the fact that I picked up 6 (that’s six) 2 […]

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Guest Post – From Morocco with Love ( A Moroccan Dinner)

Today is a treat. I am truly honored that I have a guest post from Jenn with Pint-Sized Pioneering. It isn’t often that I have guest posts (although, I’m wondering as I write…why the heck not?)There is something  you need to know about Jenn, actually, a couple of things.1.Jenn Raises Chickens – not the “I […]

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