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Okay, you all know me. I don’t usually endorse any product. Like most of you, I have my favorites – and barring some natural disaster that wipes out their factory… and their delivery trucks… and every single case of product distributed across the country, it’s not likely that I change my buying habits. And, most […]

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Kitchen Fodder Guest Test – Micro Pressure Cooker Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Bah! Humbug! Alright…. I’m not the happiest elf this time of year – and getting my chops in gear to do anything other than just exist, is damned near impossible… (I’m just not your holiday food guy.) Luckily, in talking to my sis today, I found out she was using her Microwave Pressure Cooker to make… […]

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Chicken Pot Pie

In the past, my experiences with Chicken Pot Pie have been nothing to sing about [youtube] … they’ve been those frozen, gooey,  little individual things with the grainy crust, an over-abundance of English peas, and chicken – like substance.   I knew I could do better than those things. And, I did. Rich, thick, […]

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OPA! ~ The Moussaka Experiment

It’s a funny thing when you start researching a recipe. It begins with one simple recipe… then two; both asserting THEY are the traditional recipe. Then there’s recipes three through 15 with only 1/2 of the ingredients – also staking their claim to the birthright. Then there are the ones with potatoes for the base, and an […]

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Randomness and a Casserole

It’s funny what your subconscious decides to attach memories to… or for that matter, how or why it decides that particular events in your past need remembering. I’m not talking about monumental events, I’m talking about bizarre, crappy little happenings in your life – a fleeting moment that really has no bearing or influence on […]

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The Thanksgiving Onslaught

Ah, so it begins… Monday marks the start of all-day kitchen relays getting ready for that all important food gluttony holiday. You’re psyched, you’ve run sample meals and test recipes, you’ve practiced operating on limited sleep for months to get you conditioned. But, now you have a dilemma…. what are you going to feed the […]

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