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Lighter Options ~ Buttermilk Cheese Soup

There are soups I could eat a whole bowl… and leave wanting more. There are some I stand at the cook-top eating out of the pot – never even bothering to ladle it up and at least pretend to be civilized. … and then there are those where you can just hook up a nozzle […]

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Crumb Cake ~ The One with The Apples

About four months ago, I came across a picture of a particular apple crumb cake. No recipe, mind you… just the picture. And that kind of irked me. I’m all for finding food pictures on the internetowebbyversothing – it’s like porn, without all the uncomfortable naked bits. But like porn, it kind of leaves you […]

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The Sandwich Diaries – Pi(π)mento Cheese

For most of my adult life, I’ve called a major city home. I thrived on the crammed, multi-laned arteries winding into the city center, thrilled at the packed sidewalks and stores, immersed myself in the fighting throngs at the malls during the holidays… Thankfully, this is where I now call home. 2 and a half […]

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The Sandwich Diaries – Parma – Roma and Cabra, Oh My!

I’m not a fan of fad equipment. I have an immersion blender, not because it was the coolest thing on the Williams~Sonoma catalogue, but because I used one (a very large one) for years in my commercial  kitchens. I still use a percolator for my coffee most mornings, and It took me years to buy […]

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Some days…

… it’s about the food. Some days, it’s all about the technique and process. Some days… well, it’s just about me… and what makes me feel good. Today is one of those days. Cheese makes me happy… lots of cheese. Thank the lord that lactose intolerant gene thingy passed me by All dressed up Spreading […]

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Mad Dogs, Englishmen and a Lump of Cream Cheese

Back in my younger, unsupervised days, I lived a little too close to the fire. The weekend would hit, we’d scrape off the trappings of reasonable professional people, and we’d drink. With friends in the bar business and friends in the food business… we used to drink…a lot. We’d begin the night with a late-ish […]

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